OLYMPUS DSS Player Pro Release 5 Versionsinformationen

Diese Seite enthält ausführliche Informationen zu den Änderungen in DSS Player Pro Release 5.

Version 5.0.2


  1. Windows XP Service Pack 3 and Windows Vista Service Pack 1 are supported.
  2. Bar code can be entered when input in Option Item under Edit Job Data.
  3. The performance of automatic and manual updating of folder file information and Dictation files has been improved.
  4. The problem of Dictation files not being sent if both "Send via E-mail Automatically" and "Format Conversion" are enabled has been resolved.
  5. In the Routing settings of the Workflow configuration, Either Download Folder or Custom Folder can be specified as the transfer destination.

Version 5.0.1


  1. RS-27/28 serial connection is supported. RS-27/28 can be used via a USB port. In addition, it can also be used via a serial port by connection with a conversion cable, which is included with the device.
  2. DS-5000 Cue/Review function is supported. In the Option dialog box in Dictation Module, the Mute function at Cue/Review can be enabled under [Device] - [Common Settings] - [General].
  3. A folder tree is displayed in each language.
  4. Dictation Module/Transcription Module logging function has been newly added. When the setting on the Logging page of the Workflow option is enabled, the tracking log of the voice file can be output.
  5. When instruction comments are added to an encrypted DS2 file, they can be accurately played back when comments are played back.
  6. The processing time has improved when adding a network folder. A search process for subfolders, when a folder is added as a Custom folder to a network folder, which has many subfolders, is changed to run in the background.


When DSS Player Pro is installed to a client via an Active Directory, etc., in silent mode, make sure to install .NET Framework 2.0 stored in the Redist folder before installing DSS Player Pro. Please copy LICENSE.DAT to the distributed package when silent installation occurs.

For obtaining the LICENSE.DAT, please contact your dealer or distributor.

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